Listen to sample meditations

In Meditable app you can create your own guided meditation sessions by mixing pre-recorded meditation tracks in various life-goal topics. You can add as much tracks and topics in one session, as you want. You can create your unique meditations just like the following samples built by the creators of Meditable.

Meditation for a Productive Day

Connect with your motivation and mentally rehearse your time-management skills to make your day a truly productive one. Especially recommended as a morning meditation routine.

Deep Stress-Relief Relaxation

Create deep relaxation throughout your body and mind by releasing tension in a systematic way with the stress-relief breathing technique.

Learning how to relieve stress and rejuvenate thoroughly is a very beneficial skill. With practice, you will be able to use this breathing technique to let go of tension and feel more relaxed in your daily life.

Meditation to Boost Your Weight-Loss Motivation

Powerfully boost your motivation to reach your ideal weight and maintain a fit & healthy lifestyle.

Meditation for Interview Success

Prepare for a successful interview by mentally rehearsing helpful attitudes, self-expression and communication skills that will help you do great and get the position you desire.

You Are the Healer. How to Heal and Re-Energize Yourself with Meditation

Our body has to go through a lot. Modern living is stressful; the sheer pace saps us of strength ...

7 Healthy Sleep Habits to Help You Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

Been tossing and turning too much in bed? Waking up too many times during the night?


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