How is Meditable different from other meditation apps?

We have created Meditable to empower our users to personalize their guided meditation experience. It gives meditation sessions a boost, as you can - for the first time in meditation apps' history - totally personalize a guided session to fit your goals and schedules. Within the app you can build up your guided meditation from short guided tracks, that combined in a playlist, creates a smooth and highly effective meditation experience. This approach is totally new, as it is 100% tailor-made for your momentary needs and available time. You don't have to decide on which goals you want to work on if you only have 15 minutes, as you can work on multiple goals if you set your meditation playlist up like this.

What does Meditable offer?

1. proven goal meditation techniques to reach your desired targets

2. 80+ ready-to-go meditations that cover topics like improving physical fitness, public speaking confidence, time management, sleep, cultivating presence, gratitude, a value-based life, attracting love, etc.

3. build your own meditation: combine short guided meditation tracks that can be easily connected to each other into a meditation playlist, that suits your time schedule and your desired goals.

4. select from multiple meditation deepener and ending tracks, choose from various background musics to personalize your relaxation.

5. edit all the existing meditations in our library to meet your needs in terms of content, duration, techniques and background music.

6. try meditation techniques such us visualization, affirmations and suggestions that are deeply routed in well-researched psychological knowledge.

7. all the meditations are written and created by our founding member who is a practicing hypnotherapist and psychologist, specialized in stress management, eliminating anxiety and boosting self-confidence.

“Love the voice of the guide. I have tested almost every big meditation app but this has the best voice and also one of the best content. This is goal orientated. Not like other mindfulness apps which are less practical for me. Will definately recommend this app. Suggestion: would see german language. Topicwise please add something about attracting wealth :)”
(Source: App Store reviews)

Why did we create Meditable?

Both of us (the creators of the app) have been meditating since our early childhood. Various types of meditation was always a part of our lives. We have experimented with a wide range of meditation systems, from the most spiritual styles to the modern mindfulness and more goal oriented versions. We do say that there is no perfect type of meditation, only which is totally personalized and aligned with your personality, lifestyle, goals and time schedule.

The idea of Meditable was born when we have realized that it is quite difficult for us to find any guided meditations on the internet that is satisfyingly appropriate for our personal needs. Needs like the length of the meditation, the topics covered in it, the voice of the guide, the quality of the recording and – at last but not least – the background music. Music in the background is so crucial, that a poorly selected one can ruin the whole experience. We thought we can make something that covers all those requirements listed above, while giving a top quality meditation experience and also empowering users to decide on all the aspects of meditation they would like to control.

With the recorded materials of Meditable we are focusing on goal meditation techniques mostly. Our mind is our most powerful tool and there are techniques that can really help us make the most out of it. Visualization, self-statements are proactive techniques that help focusing the mind on our desired goals, while helpful thoughts and positive suggestions can bring us a new, goal oriented and inspired mindset.

“Very cool app with so many topics to help you with. I tried sleep and stress release sessions and so far they are really helpful. The guiding voice and the music tracks are just so relaxing. I’m curious to try more of topics, like exam preparation. Lot to explore. I can recommend it.“
(Source: App Store reviews)

Goal meditation vs Mindfulness

Goal meditation is different from the currently trending mindfulness. There are hundreds of great apps like Headspace space or Calm that help you to build a mindful presence in every situation, our team is enjoying them, as well. Meditable is not to replace these great apps, but it is for completing mindfulness with a practical, strongly goal oriented approach, that really makes your mind attracting success. Use mindfulness meditation to become still, independent of the monkey mind, and use goal meditation in the forms of visualization, self-statements and mindset-forming suggestions to attract great results, love, success and active joy in your life.

Meditable is out now on iOS!


“I love the voice, it’s very soothing. Also, this editable feature is so cool that you can put together your guided meditations. And there are so many topics to choose from, for me productivity is a big one, and the meditations around that are great. Absolutely recommend it“
(Source: App Store reviews)

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